VAD - Virtualized Application Deployment


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VAD was designed as toolset for simple transfer and installing virtual machines for Virtual PC and VMware for Windows. VAD consists from Builder, Installer, Uninstaller and Launcher. All of this included into single installation package, but VAD Launcher also available as separate installation package. VAD was written in mix of Delphi (GUI hosts) and VBScript (core logic). It also use some external tools (cabarc.exe, extract.exe, mkisofs.exe and cdrecord.exe) for extra functionality. Last version of VAD is 0.8. It's production ready, but in the future, myself misfocused from proprietary desktop virtualization (Virtual PC and VMware) and supports development line for proprietary server products only. If you want deploy Virtual PC and VMware machines, you must use VAD. If you interests for server virtualization deployment and management - refer to my N9 VMS page.

VAD Builder "eats" a configuration file of VM (.vmx or .vmc) and then resolves all external files (i.e - disk images, ISOs, virtual floppies) and put them into temporary folder. If need, them may be compressed into single CAB file. All relative file positions described in manifest file, which packed with VM files and has fixed name.
VAD Builder may produce various output:
1. Compressed CAB package.
2. Compressed CAB package with installer.
3. ISO image with autorun (not autobootable).
4. Burned CD with installer and packages.

VAD Installer installs VAD Launcher, unpack VMs and make links.

VAD Uninstaller correctly uninstalls VM.

VAD Launcher is a essential part of VAD. This application make preparations before launching VM and invoking hypervisor. If needed this may dial connection and run machine in transacted mode.


No documentation provided by two reasons:
1. GUI of VAD tools is very simple to use.
2. Main logic contains in simple text file with VBS code.


VAD Suite 0.8
Executable InstallShield Launcher (1.73 Mb)

VAD Launcher 0.7
Executable InstallShield Launcher (587 Kb)


MDAC 2.8 (5.04 Mb)
Microsoft Script Control 1.0 (196 Kb)
MSXML 4.0 (5.04 Mb)
Windows Scripting Engine v.5.5 (both JScript and VBScript)
(for Windows 95, 98, Me - 682 Kb)
(for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 - 696 Kb)


VAD licensed under GPL v.2 license. SOme icluded parts may be licensed otherwise, please consult vendors.

Related products

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- a tool for managing Virtual Server without installing website. In development stage.
EC2 Client
- ActiveX control and commandline client for control Amazon EC2. In development stage.
- an application for Windows Mobile 2003 SE (.NET CF 1.1) and Windows Mobile 5.0 (.NET CF 2.0) smartphones and HPC for control Amazon EC2. In development stage.
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